Saturday, August 30, 2014


Brunch Bunch Dinner

Friday, September 29, 2014.  Harley put together a Brunch Bunch Dinner at El Palacio in Kingman.  32 people showed up. The food was good and the service was fast considering it was such a large group.  We all had a good time.

I added these pictures to an old blog.  Since I hit the magic number of 100 blogs, I can't start a new one using the format I'm familiar with. So, I'll add these here, and delete them after everyone has had a chance to see themselves :-)  The rest of the pictures I'll keep.

The rest of this blog is of a bike I tried out a couple of years ago, and then preparations for the last time we went to Bonneyville Salt Flats.  Sherm's Cycle Products participated for several years at the Bub's Speed Trials there.  Attempted many records, but was successful in setting 11 Speed records in several different classes.

These last 5 were taken with my phone

Monday, August 20, 2012


Boss Hoss Trike August 20, 2012

Since I have 100 blogs, I can't start a new one.  Tacked this in front of an old blog so I could send the pictures to the new owner of this beautiful machine!

Was asked by a "Friend of a Friend" in Canada to check out this little trike.  The Victory Motorcycle/Hyundai Car dealership had a flood last week, Plumbing leak that put about 2 inched of water inside the show room and offices. So, it was a bit of a hassle getting this bike out for me to test ride today

Sort of plain in back, but VERY nice.  A large custom built Mustang seat with backrests

I did a "walk around" to get sort of familiar with it.

Trike is a Boss Hoss.  A built 350 Chevy engine, fuel injection, and puts out 385 hp.  Has enough power to get you down the street.

The picture doesn't do justice in showing you massive the tank is!

The shifter was a little hard to figure out.  Good thing these is a gear indicator on the dash.  You have to push up and down and forward and backward.  The rider backrest isn't installed, but it goes in a slot between the rider and passenger

Very nice instrumentation.

Very comfortable seat

Rode it home to go over it good.  It dwarfs the Harley, which you can't even see.  It's parked right in front of the trike :-)

Pat has an excellent eye for detail, so she helped look it over.  And found the few small blemishes before I did.

Only 3 places where there is a paint problem

Not real noticeable in the big picture, but here's another one

Not being "picky", these shots are for the new owner so he'll know what to expect

Road the bike about 15 miles.  LOTS of fun!

Fits nicely in the garage with the other 3!  Think I NEED this bike! :-)

After finding reverse, it was backed  to the front of the house

Noticed this little blemish on the tank, but it can be buffed out, it's not through the paint

AZ doesn't have a helmet law, but the dealer's insurance requires one to be worn on test rides.  They loaned me this "bucket"

My turn around point up Stockton Hill Road.  Was able to test throttle response and brakes.  It also has air ride suspension, so I played with that too.

The last of only 3 blemishes we found, right on the tip of the fender

Burn in the seat.  Not all the way through the vinyl.

5600 miles is all that's on this trike.  It's beautiful and runs great!  If it was something I wanted, I think it would be well worth buying.  Either to ride or as an investment for re-sale.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Does this bike look like it will attempt to set a Land Speed Record in a couple of weeks? An attempt was made last year, but there were mechanical problems on the salt flats, it never completed a pass. This year, Guy wants to make sure it's dependable...what a challenge!

Closer to completion. Guy is putting all his time in the bike now, except for emergencies that come up at the shop. He's burning the mid-night oil, like so may racers have to.

Going back together. I know a lot of vroc folks believe that Nology wires are "snake oil", but it's surprising how many of the top racers use them. This is a high output Nology coil, wires, and a good battery.

Because the cyclinder was milled, as well as the heads, the heads have to be machined out just enough so the Piston and valves won't bang on it at TDC. Of course you have to take into consideration the gasket after it's torqued down. It will be a high compression engine for sure. Will it hold together?

With only hours until the Speed trials, the engine is being check once more!

Just a short few days before going to the Speed Trials, Guy decided to go into the engine again. The frame is a stock 1920 something racing unit, the engine is a 1937 (I think) He's going to go over everything and statically balance where possible, and blue print all the clearances. Also adding a hotter ignition system.

I'll explain this later on in the blog.

Guy Mobbley and Butch Cook. Guy is the owner of SCP Performance, and has done the mechanical work on all the bikes going to Bonneyville again this year.

Butch Cook. He's an AMA Pro rider. Not only does he do this sort of thing, he has a record holding drag bike, powered by a "built" Kawasaki engine that started out as a Z1900, but has undergone serious changes

A freshly assembled (by a couple of hours) engine. There is no place to really test it out, the real test will be in a couple of days on the Bonneyville Salt Flats at the Bub's International Speed Trials.

Guy just finished the engine late last night. As soon as the floorboards are on, they will leave. In order to run in the stock class, it has to have factory style floorboards. They have them, just needed the brackets put back in place.

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