Sunday, September 10, 2006

Does this bike look like it will attempt to set a Land Speed Record in a couple of weeks? An attempt was made last year, but there were mechanical problems on the salt flats, it never completed a pass. This year, Guy wants to make sure it's dependable...what a challenge!

Closer to completion. Guy is putting all his time in the bike now, except for emergencies that come up at the shop. He's burning the mid-night oil, like so may racers have to.

Going back together. I know a lot of vroc folks believe that Nology wires are "snake oil", but it's surprising how many of the top racers use them. This is a high output Nology coil, wires, and a good battery.

Because the cyclinder was milled, as well as the heads, the heads have to be machined out just enough so the Piston and valves won't bang on it at TDC. Of course you have to take into consideration the gasket after it's torqued down. It will be a high compression engine for sure. Will it hold together?

With only hours until the Speed trials, the engine is being check once more!

Just a short few days before going to the Speed Trials, Guy decided to go into the engine again. The frame is a stock 1920 something racing unit, the engine is a 1937 (I think) He's going to go over everything and statically balance where possible, and blue print all the clearances. Also adding a hotter ignition system.

I'll explain this later on in the blog.

Guy Mobbley and Butch Cook. Guy is the owner of SCP Performance, and has done the mechanical work on all the bikes going to Bonneyville again this year.

Butch Cook. He's an AMA Pro rider. Not only does he do this sort of thing, he has a record holding drag bike, powered by a "built" Kawasaki engine that started out as a Z1900, but has undergone serious changes

A freshly assembled (by a couple of hours) engine. There is no place to really test it out, the real test will be in a couple of days on the Bonneyville Salt Flats at the Bub's International Speed Trials.

Guy just finished the engine late last night. As soon as the floorboards are on, they will leave. In order to run in the stock class, it has to have factory style floorboards. They have them, just needed the brackets put back in place.

This modified Honda is ready to run! They used this same bike last year and set a record, they will try to better it this year. (they did)

The "Rogue" is ready to go again. It hold a record in one class, but they are going for a stock production class this time. The front brakes were put back on, last year they ran with no front brakes to elimate wind drag and a little weight. That's my Helix in the background, maybe I should take it down for a run next year I'd get tired before I got to the timing traps!

It's a salty mess, but will be looking good by tomorrow after it's cleaned up and the engine is re-assembled. You have to tear them down, but don't have to put them back together while there. This is only if you have set a record.

After all the inspections are complete and the parts are sealed, this sticker is put in place.

After the bike goes through the tech inspection, there is sealing wax places in various locations. If a potential record is set, everything is check over to make sure nothing has been altered. This is in case of any challenges that may take place up to 30 days after the runs.

Chunks of salt. Guy sprayed the bike off at a car wash in West Wendover, UT, when they were leaving, but it still needs a good detailing. He was just starting to do that when I left today. The plate is the class...Production-Push Rod. 777 is Butch's AMA number.

When a record is set, you have to take a head off, and anything else the Tech people require. They check the bore and stroke to make sure you are exceeding the engine size, and check the head to make sure it's stock if that's the class you're in.

The fuel has to come out of the AMA can in the Tech area. Of course you have to pay for it. If the seal is broken or removed, you can't run. Note the "break away" kill switch, another requirement.

Guy is a huge Indian fan. The old Indian Factory Racing Team was called The Wrecking Crew. Since Indian is no more, Guy picked up the name for his SCP Team.

Tired and dirty, morning of Sept. 10, 2006. A low dollar, but successful attempt to set a World Record.. There's very people in the World that actually have a World record at anything. Guy Mobbley and Butch Cook have 5 of them in the AMA records book! Actually, they have 3 now, but the new one for the Honda and the 2 new ones will be added after the 30 day challange period is over.

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